Delivery Management: A Comprehensive Guide for Restaurant Owners

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In recent years, the food delivery industry has grown tremendously. The global market for online food delivery is anticipated to generate US$0.91 trillion in sales in 2023, too, with a predicted annual growth rate of 12.33% between 2023 and 2027, according to a report by Statista. As a result, delivery management has become a critical component of restaurant operations, and restaurant owners must adapt to the evolving landscape to stay competitive.

Delivery management involves overseeing the entire delivery process, from receiving orders to delivering food to customers. With so many food delivery apps available today, managing orders and deliveries can quickly become overwhelming. This is where systems and apps like vGrubs Software come in. vGrubs Software is a universal delivery tablet designed to process online orders from all popular food delivery apps through a single device, streamlining the entire delivery process. But how can an all-in-one delivery app idea like that be important in the long run?

According to a report by Toast , a restaurant management sof tware provider, 87% of restaurant owners said that offering delivery services had increased their revenue. However, managing the delivery process can be challenging for restaurant owners, especially those with multiple delivery partners.

This article explores the importance of delivery management for restaurant owners and how a system like vGrubs Software can help streamline the process, improve communication, and reduce labor costs.

Streamlining Online Orders

Challenges Faced by Restaurant Owners with Multiple Delivery Apps

Handling orders from various delivery apps will be one of the significant difficulties restaurant operators face in 2023 when handling deliveries. With so many different apps available, keeping track of orders and ensuring they are processed and delivered on time can be difficult. This can result in delays, incorrect orders, and unhappy customers. This is where an all-in-one delivery app comes in handy.

As an example, vGrubs Software was designed to help restaurant owners streamline the process of processing online orders from multiple delivery apps as an all-in-one delivery app idea. By using a single device to process orders, restaurant owners can save time and reduce the risk of errors. Additionally, vGrubs Software automatically sends order information to the kitchen, ensuring that orders are processed quickly and accurately.

How vGrubs Software Helps in Streamlining Online Orders

Managing online orders can be a tedious and time-consuming task for restaurant owners. With multiple delivery platforms to work and orders coming in from different channels, it can be challenging to keep track of everything and ensure that all orders are processed accurately and timely. This is where vGrubs Software comes in, provid ing a solution that streamlines online orders and makes the process much more manageable.

One of the main features of vGrubs Software is its delivery tablet integration. Instead of having separate tablets for each delivery platform, restaurant owners can now have one universal tablet that integrates with all platforms. This means all orders can be viewed and managed in one place, reducing the risk of errors or missed orders.

Another feature that sets vGrubs Software apart is its virtual restaurant service. The software creates the menu and markets the virtual restaurant to customers, bringing in additional revenue for the restaurant. The virtual restaurant service is a win-win for both parties, as vGrubs Software handles the marketing and customer acquisition. In contrast, the restaurant owner receives a percentage of the profits through online orders.

vGrubs Software also offers a concierge service with a help desk and revenue recovery team. The help desk is available 24/7 to answer restaurant owners' questions or concerns about their tablets or orders. The revenue recovery team is automatically notified in the event of a cancellation, adjustment, or refund request and is trained to address these disputes and recover revenue for the restaurant. This service alone can pay the subscription fee and save restaurant owners valuable time and resources.

Finally, vGrubs Software is designed with simplicity in mind. The software is easy to set up and use, and restaurant owners can access orders from anywhere and process payouts at the push of a button. This frees up valuable time for restaurant owners to focus on other aspects of their business and provide a better customer experience.

In summary, vGrubs Software is an example of a comprehensive solution for restaurant owners looking to streamline their online orders in 2023. With delivery tablet integration, virtual restaurants, concierge services, and a user-friendly interface, vGrubs Software can help restaurants supercharge their delivery revenue and never waste another minute on the phone with customers or delivery platforms again. That's why such delivery management system options are a must in the modern day & age.

Optimizing Delivery Operations

Another big challenge in delivery management is delivering the food on time. Delayed deliveries can result in unhappy customers, negative reviews, and lost revenue. Also, managing multiple deliveries simultaneously can be challenging, especially during peak hours.

With the growing trend of online food delivery in 2023, it's more important than ever for restaurants to optimize their delivery operations. That's where delivery management system & software like vGrubs comes in - as it offers a suite of fresh new modern services designed to streamline the delivery process and maximize revenue. For example, look at how vGrubs features can optimize operations in an oversaturated food delivery industry.

Delivery Tablet Integration

One of the most time-consuming aspects of online food delivery is managing multiple tablets from various platforms such as Uber Eats, 7shifts, Grubhub, and DoorDash. With vGrubs, however, you no longer need to juggle multiple pills – Its delivery tablet integration consolidates all your delivery platforms into one all-in-one delivery app. This allows ultimate control over delivery operations.

Virtual Restaurants

We also previously mentioned that vGrubs also offers a unique virtual restaurant service. It's partnering with restaurants to create a portfolio of "virtual restaurants" under their addre ss, each with a special menu and branding. This means restaurants can expand their offerings and reach new customers without additional physical locations. The commission-based model ensures that restaurants can earn extra revenue without any upfront costs, further allowing efficient delivery operations through trusted & connected restaurants.

So, by consolidating delivery platforms, offering virtual restaurants, and providing concierge services, an all-in-one del ivery app like vGrubs optimizes restaurant delivery operations.

Let the software & its process take care of the headaches so you can focus on what you do best - preparing great food for your customers.

Improving Communication

As social creatures, we love to communicate with each other. Any restaurant must have effective communication to succeed, but keeping open lines of communication with customers and staff may take time and effort. With multiple delivery platforms, it can be challenging to keep track of orders and communicate updates to customers promptly. Additionally, managing employee communication and scheduling can be time-consuming and complex.

Again, a solid delivery management system can help restaurant owners improve communication with customers and employees, ensuring everyone is on the same page. With a delivery management system, restaurant owners can:

  • Receive and manage orders from multiple delivery platforms in one place, making tracking orders and communicating updates to customers easier.
  • Send automatic order updates to customers, keeping them informed of their order status and reducing the need for manual communication.

So, by using a delivery management system to improve communication, restaurant owners can reduce errors, save time, and improve customer satisfaction. Additionally, improved employee communication can minimize scheduling conflicts and ensure that each shift is adequately staffed. A delivery management system like vGrubs can help restaurant owners improve communication and streamline operations.

Staffing and Training

As online food delivery continues its meteoric rise, having a top-notch delivery team is no longer a nice-to-have - it’s a must-have for restaurant survival. Put, your restaurant is only as good as the last mile. Without drivers to deliver fantastic food fast, you’ll quickly lose ground to competitors like Uber Eats and DoorDash.

So, where do you start assembling your squad of superstar drivers? For starters, avoid the common mistake of prioritizing quantity over quality. Just because someone can operate a car doesn’t mean they have the complete skill set to succeed. As you scale up staffing, keep a sharp eye out for these traits in potential hires:

  • Reliability & Responsibility - This includes things like timeliness, preparation, attentiveness to detail
  • Personality & professionalism - From first online interactions with customers to handing over meals, drivers represent your brand
  • Knowledge of the neighborhood - Understanding optimal routes and traffic patterns leads to speedier deliveries

Once drivers are on board a structured onboarding and training process helps drivers build confidence and competence once they are on board. You’ll want to walk new hires through protocols on things like:

  • Taking and inputting orders
  • Safety and accuracy checking meals
  • Optimal routing to delivery addresses
  • Handling cash payments or order issues

Equally important is having the proper scheduling to meet projected order volumes. Rather than just winging it shift to shift, use historical data to forecast labor needs across different days and times. Build in buffers for possible spikes, too.

Lean on tools like 7shifts to schedule and track hours.

With the fundamentals of staffing, training, and scheduling mastered, your delivery operations will function like a well-oiled machine ready to meet customer demands!

Delivery Tracking and Dispatching

With online orders pouring in across multiple delivery platforms, restaurant owners struggle to keep tabs on all those meals in motion once they leave the building. However, leveraging the right technology integrations can provide the necessary visibility to tighten delivery operations significantly.


By syncing their point-of-sale (POS) system and delivery management software with driver apps and order APIs from third-party services, restaurants can centralize data and achieve a single source of truth. Rather than manually entering orders across different systems, smart integrations automatically push key details like order contents, customer addresses, and driver assignments to where they need to go.

This connectivity also means order status updates made in one place automatically flow through the rest of the flow. For example, when a driver indicates that an order is picked up in their app, the POS and management software also update. Such seamless interoperability reduces human errors and speeds up communication.

In addition, open APIs allow restaurants’ delivery management platforms to incorporate external data like real-time traffic and weather to optimize routing. Overall, pursuing platform integrations pays dividends through automated workflows and data sharing.


Once POS, delivery management, and driver apps are integrated, restaurants access valuable aggregated data and insights via centralized dashboards. At a high level, these command centers help managers answer critical operational questions like:

  • How many orders are out for delivery right now?
  • Which drivers are currently on a route, and where are they?
  • Is a particular customer’s delivery expected on time?
  • What’s the average pickup-delivery time for orders?

Drilling down, robust dashboards from vendors like Toast Tab provide per-driver details on assignment status, current location, order contents, and more. Real-time map views make it easy to visualize the delivery footprint at any moment.

Available reporting also simplifies digging into the data to identify past bottlenecks like driver wait times or frequently late merchants. With these visibility superpowers, restaurants can confidently track progress, ensure on-time deliveries, and continuously optimize their processes.

Final Words

As you have probably identified, delivery management is a complex process involving many moving parts. However, by using a delivery management system & an all-in-one delivery app in 2023, restaurant owners can streamline their operations, reduce errors, and improve customer satisfaction. In this article, we've explored the benefits of a delivery management system in facilitating online orders, upgrading delivery operations, enhancing employee management, and reducing time & energy waste while improving communication.

One such delivery management system that can revolutionize restaurant management is vGrubs Software. This all-in-one delivery app is designed to process online orders from all popular food delivery apps through a single device, making it a thousand times easier to manage orders and optimize delivery operations.

Additionally, vGrubs offers virtual restaurant services that can help restaurant owners expand their menu offerings and increase their revenue by building up a customer base of regulars. With vGrubs' concierge service, restaurant owners can rely on a dedicated team of support staff to help them navigate any issues. Overall, vGrubs is a game-changer for restaurant owners looking to stay competitive in the online delivery marketplace in 2023.

We encourage restaurant owners to invest in all-in-one delivery apps like vGrubs Software to streamline delivery management and optimize operations. Restaurant businesses can save time and money while enhancing current workforce management and customer happiness by utilizing a delivery management system in the modern age.

So why wait? Take advantage of all the benefits of a delivery management system and upscale your restaurant management today!