Frequently Asked Questions.

Why should I use vGrubs?

vGrubs combines all delivery tablets into one, lets you edit store details from one place, and can (optionally) increase sales with its additional sales channels. Here are a couple solutions we think you’ll find to be a breath of fresh air:

  • Can’t seem to grow your revenue fast enough? With our additional order flow, we can expand and diversify your online presence, bringing in previously untapped business.
  • Have you ever had to dedicate an employee to manage your online orders? Now you don’t have to! With us, everything is automatically routed to the kitchen - saving you a ton of labor cost.
  • Ever have to dispute a canceled order? When an order is canceled, we have a dedicated team that can call a delivery service provider to dispute cancellations, save you the hassle, and save hundreds, sometimes thousands every month!
  • Don’t want to change the way things are? Not only do we give white-glove service, we do it exactly your way. One of our clients just wanted extra orders without changing anything else, and we did just that!
  • Afraid your current system might clash with ours? Remember, everything is customized to your needs. If you’re slammed and just want your system automated, we can help. Already have virtual restaurants listed on other delivery apps? No problem! We can integrate it all, customized, into your vGrubs tablet.
What are virtual restaurants with vGrubs?

Virtual restaurants are ghost kitchens that exist only in the delivery apps. With these virtual restaurants, a burger joint can sell artisanal juices with different branding, or an Italian eatery can sell breakfast pancakes of a different franchise! The possibilities are endless! Learn how you can expand your online sales by opening virtual kitchens with different menu options and a variety of brand designs. Break through your growth plateau, and hit new revenue benchmarks in months rather than years - while we handle the entire process from A to Z. We even handle all the marketing and traffic for the virtual restaurants we set up!

How do I set up vGrubs?

Sit back, relax and let us provide you with white-glove service as our remote integration experts set everything up for you. Once we have everything integrated, we’ll send you a tablet ready to simply plug and play.

How do I check reporting and analytics?

Our dashboard consolidates order data across all of your online ordering service providers into one, easy-to-navigate and beautifully designed user interface. You’ll be able to focus on individual orders to understand item trends and issues, and see the bigger picture with analytics that display performance trends across your brands and locations.

Does vGrubs require any hardware?

vGrubs will provide you with one tablet on the house! One is all you’ll need for your delivery channels - but if you like, you can order additional tablets for the restaurant, home, office or anywhere outside your business’s premises.

vGrubs links all of your delivery services into one tablet for staff, and gives you complete control of your online ordering business via our website. From our connected system, you can automatically accept orders from all of your delivery services, track and monitor the status of everything at a glance, pause and unpause your stores, 86 menu items when you’ve run out of ingredients, update your store hours, and measure the success of your online ordering business with comprehensive reporting and insights.

How does vGrubs’ concierge service work?

We provide you with a dedicated text line that you and your workers can use to communicate with our agents to help you take delivery orders, call customers (to handle any missing items, replacements or other issues), call delivery providers, remove or add items from your menu, fix something in your portal, etc..