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The universal
delivery tablet that

Faster staff. More orders.


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One Tablet.
Multiple Channels.

Done for you, we integrate it all, white
glove service.

Our experts will do it all remotely and
send you a ready tablet
to plug and play.


One Tablet.
Multiple Channels.


We integrate it all for you with white-glove service.

Our experts will do it all remotely and send you a ready tablet to plug and play.

increase sales

Faster staff.
More orders.

Now that delivery orders are automatically accepted, forwarded to your kitchen printer, and barely need any attention at all, let's get you more orders.

vGrubs uses proprietary channels to get your restaurant additional order flow, dramatically increasing sales.

orders simplified

One screen, all apps.
We make it simple.

Our dashboard takes every delivery app, and puts it into a single screen. It’s so easy to use that staff won’t need any training, and your staff will still be lightning fast no matter how many apps you add.


faster payouts

No more waiting
for payouts.

vGrubs pays you within minutes!

vGrubs pays you within minutes!

Transfer your earnings within minutes.

Easily and securely connect your bank account.

24/7 money transfer availability.


Track your
business anytime, anywhere.

Tired of keeping track of all the delivery sites you’re having to log into and check? So were our users. That’s why we created our Partner app. From just one place, you can track everything across the board.

virtual restaurants

Concentrate on what
matters. Cooking.

Learn how to expand your restaurant without opening up any additional physical locations. vGrubs is here to empower you.

We know it sounds too good to be true, give us a call and find out for yourself! Own the competition!


No more hassle.
Our team will handle it.

Don’t have time to handle the extra little headaches? Our team is trained to recover lost revenue by calling delivery companies when there are cancellations, and much more. It’s as if you have a whole office working for you, but from the cloud. We’ll take care of:


Order issues

Customer communication