Why vGrubs?

Help Desk & Revenue Recovery with a Personal Touch

Sign up with us and watch our team seamlessly integrate all delivery platforms into a single tablet, accessible from anywhere. vGrubs has many benefits for your hospitality business including:


Universal Access
to All Platforms.

Restaurant owners subscribed to our Universal Plan won't need to hire employees dedicated to managing their delivery tablets, saving them thousands of dollars every month on employee costs, limiting staff errors, and helping their employees be more productive at work.


Boosted Sales
30% Growth.

Restaurant owners subscribed to our Boosted Plan see an average growth of delivery revenue by 30%. This is done by presenting your restaurant items via our own brands to maximize your orders online.


with Revenue Recovery.

Restaurant owners subscribed to our Supercharged Plan will have our trained agents dispute cancellations for them, recovering hundreds of dollars of revenue a month for a fraction of what’s recovered.

Delivery Order Flow with vGrubs.

When a customer purchases an order on a delivery platform, it will be through either your store or our virtual restaurants. Instead of only three online stores on three platforms, with us you can have fifteen online stores. Possibly even more - and everything is conveniently integrated into one tablet that brings your store enough orders to blow your competition right out of the water.

vGrubs Revenue Growth Calculator

Input your daily order figures, and our calculator will approximate how much additional revenue your business will receive with vGrubs on an annual basis.

Average Order Dollar Amount:



Typical Delivery Orders Per Day:



Average additional Income With vGrubs Per Year:


Case Studies

Bagel Boss

To Andrew Hazen, Bagel Boss isn't just a chain bakery. After having worked there since he was 15, and having climbed to the position of CEO, it was a lifestyle. For some time, a solution for his delivery management...

Island Bagel Bar

Island Bagel Bar found the solution to their delivery management challenges with vGrubs, our universal delivery tablet aggregation service, though it turned out to be a whole lot more than expected.