Proven Tips and Tricks to Get More Orders on UberEats

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In the twenty-first century, businesses have had to make a lot of changes. This is especially true for the restaurant industry. UberEats has revolutionised business in the food industry. Today, consumers have the privilege of ordering various meals using their smartphones and getting them delivered to their doorstep.

For this reason, the use of Uber Eats is a great way of increasing your restaurant's sales and outsmarting other competitors.

How does Uber Eats work?

Ubereats is an online food delivery system that links customers to local restaurants. It's like Amazon's platform, but for food delivery, we can simply say that in this app, customers click on the various menus to place an order. The restaurants have different menus. They then click on the specific dish they need delivered and place their order.

The restaurant then makes the food after getting the order. Then, the Uber driver delivers the order to the client. It is a quick and convenient process throughout. UberEats has become a must-have platform for such customers.

Tips and Tricks to Get More Orders on Uber Eats:

Partner with vGrubs

To describe them briefly, vGrubs uses its delivery tablet integration technology to boost your delivery sales. It sets up what are called virtual restaurants (or VRs). These VRs are new accounts set up on UberEats, DoorDash, and Grubhub that look like independent stores but sell your menu.

They can rebrand what you already have, sell a new menu line, and do all the marketing!

You just have to set up their tablet and watch the orders flow through your kitchen printer. Other tips and tricks might work to a degree, but they are nowhere near as effective as doubling or even tripling your online presence by setting up more stores.

It’s completely free until the service pays for itself, so it’s a guaranteed win-win!

The only catch is that vGrubs’ new stores will be brands that are not your restaurant’s, but revenue is still revenue.

Optimize Your Menu for Delivery

Before a customer places an order, he or she relies on visuals and descriptions of the food on the menu. Therefore, you need to make sure you clearly define your menu items. Furthermore, make sure you use high-quality photos while showcasing your dishes.

Also, consider offering a variety of options to cater to a wider range of customers with different needs.

This can include vegetarian dishes, gluten-free dishes, and vegan dishes. Another thing is to make sure that your menu is easy to navigate. It must have clear sections for different types of meal options.

Improve Your Photos on the Platform

Like they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. This statement is also true for food. And, since your clients will be ordering the dish without knowing how it looks, you need to make sure that your photos on the platform are clear and of high quality.

You need to invest in professional food photography. Another option is to learn to take enticing photos yourself. The photos need to be well lit. You should showcase the best angles of your dishes, and don't forget to make them look appetizing!

Clients usually eat with their eyes first. Having such photos will significantly increase your chances of getting more orders.

Reduce preparation time.

In any business, speed is a crucial factor. No client wants to be kept waiting in order to get what they need. Since clients expect their orders to be delivered promptly, delays can lead to negative reviews. And negative reviews directly impact your orders, but not in a positive way.

To reduce your preparation time, your kitchen operations must be streamlined. Your staff should be trained to work efficiently. Your workflow must be optimized. Also, make use of modern technological tools that can help speed up food preparation.

Delivering orders quickly will satisfy your clients and also increase your chances of receiving more orders.

Get closer to your customers.

You can get closer to customers, and this is what makes them loyal to your business. Developing positive relationships with your clients will increase UberEats sales.

Go the extra mile and interact with them. Ensure that you respond immediately to their questions and give them feedback accordingly. Tell them that they are important to both you and your business. Another option is to provide customised suggestions based on their purchases. This will enable you to maintain your old clients and turn them into your advocates for bringing in new clients.

Offer Promotions

Who doesn't love a good deal? You could also offer promotions that will boost order flow in your restaurant. You can have limited-time offers and discounts for those who order from Uber Eats. Additionally, you have incentive programmes to stimulate your clients to refer their friends to place their orders at your establishment.

Offering incentives will create a sense of urgency and persuade both existing and prospective customers to opt for your establishment as opposed to others.

Get better ratings.

Reviews and ratings are important for a successful online business. These positive ratings and reviews are sure to help your restaurant attract more customers. Consequently, you should persuade your clients to post comments and ratings on the portal. You can persuade them by giving them a discount on their subsequent orders.

Also, if you get any negative reviews, ensure you respond to them at once. Act in a systematic way and correct the situation. This will ensure that you have a large number of customers who will rate you highly, thus increasing the chances of you appearing in a new customer’s top suggestions.

Stand Out from Competing Restaurants

There is tough competition on UberEats. Many restaurants are always fighting for customers' attention.

Therefore, focus on what makes you different from the others. For your menu descriptions, you need to highlight your unique dishes, special ingredients, and culinary techniques. Also, think about special foods only for Uber eats.

Your customers will be curious to learn about what’s new in your restaurant and will most certainly prefer it over all others.

Run specials

Another great way to drive more orders on Uber Eats is by running specials. You can offer daily or weekly specials available only for a limited time. Doing so will create a sense of exclusivity and encourage your customers to place their orders promptly.

Another way you can run specials is by collaborating with other local restaurants. You can collaborate by creating special packages or offering a variety of food options.


Uber Eats is a fantastic opportunity for restaurants to maximize their sales and bottom lines. So, if you are not getting enough sales on Uber Eats, the tips provided in this guide will help you grow your reach and improve your sales.

However, for business-savvy restaurant owners, partnering with vGrubs can become a breakthrough solution for your restaurant, doubling its delivery orders. If you are a restaurant owner who wants to experience all these benefits, reach out to us, and we will bring them straight to your doorstep.